Birthing Options
Learn about all your options giving birth in Australia

Birth Options

Deciding where you will have your baby is a major life choice. It is critical that you choose a birthplace with a philosophy that you feel aligned with. Your carers need to be willing to support you in what you believe is important for you during pregnancy and birth.


A family birth centre is a home-like setting within a public hospital. It is for women who have had a healthy pregnancy and are considered to be medically ‘low risk’. For your prenatal care, labour and birth you can be attended by the hospital midwives, hospital doctors if required, and a private midwife or have shared care with a private obstetrician or GP. Pregnancy and birth is regarded as a normal physiological process. Medical pain relief is limited and not encouraged; a Birth Centre allows women the space and time to birth naturally.


Your antenatal care takes place in a clinic within the hospital with the hospital staff. You could also choose to have shared care with the hospital team and either a private obstetrician, a GP or a midwife. You labour and birth in the hospital labour ward attended by the hospital team.


A private obstetrician of your choice would manage your pregnancy, labour and birth. Antenatal care will be at the private rooms of the obstetrician. During labour and birth you will be attended the hospital midwives. Your obstetrician can be involved in your labour and will plan to be present for the birth.


Naturally birthing at home you will be attended by a private midwife of your choice. You may also choose to have a supportive doctor present. Being able to choose your carers in this way enables you to develop a relationship throughout your pregnancy, ensuring continuity of care with someone you know and trust during your labour and birth. Antenatal care takes place at your home or at your midwives or doctor's practice.


Private midwives are qualified to provide all of your care during pregnancy, labour, birth and care of your baby in the birth place of your choice. Having a private midwife ensures continuity of care throughout your pregnancy and birth. They offer, ‘a woman and family’ centred approach and very much regard your pregnancy and birth as a normal physiological process not an illness. They trust in the woman and her ability to birth naturally.


Learn the art of relaxation and breathing for a positive birth experience. Calmbirth® workshops held in Malvern, Middle Park or privately in your home.



Dont have time to get to a class. Are you panicking that you dont know anything about birth?Have a quick comprehensive private class that can give you the basics of birth with some tools to use in labour.



A Birth Attendant or Doula is a woman trained and experienced in birthing. She provides emotional, physical and educational support to woman, their partners and families through pregnancy, labour and birth.