Lael Stone


Lael Stone

With a background in alternative healing, counselling and entertainment, Lael came to birthing work through her first birth experience - a highly traumatic, interventionist birth that left her with a multitude of questions and a great deal of trauma.

Second time round Lael searched for a supportive environment, a better way to birth and continuity of care. The power of a beautiful, gentle birth experience propelled her into the work of birth and set her on a path of helping women achieve empowering birth experiences in whatever setting they choose.

Lael has worked as a Birth Attendant/Doula and Childbirth Educator since 2004, privileged to witness many women birth.

She is a certified Calmbirth Instructor, teaching hundreds of couples how to work with their bodies and achieve a birth experience that sets them on the right path towards parenting.

Lael has interviewed hundreds of women about their birth experiences and through the data collected, set about creating a new type of education that fulfils the needs of modern women in Australia. Working in birth and attending women at home and hospital, gives Lael a great understanding of how our birthing system works.

The last 10 years has also seen Lael work as an Aware Parenting Instructor, helping parents with all aspects of parenting and healing. She also teaches Sex Education to teenagers privately and in Secondary Schools.

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Learn the art of relaxation and breathing for a positive birth experience. Calmbirth® workshops held in Malvern, Yarraville.



Birth de-briefing offers the opportunity for a greater understanding of what happened at your birth, along with the opportunity for your story to be heard and counselled with a woman that understands the birthing world and the impact of unmet expectations.



A Birth Attendant or Doula is a woman trained and experienced in birthing. She provides emotional, physical and educational support to woman, their partners and families through pregnancy, labour and birth.