Birth Debriefing Service
Debrief about your birth experince

$150.00 (90 minutes)

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The transformation that takes place when a woman becomes a mother is one of the greatest changes that can take place in her life. The journey from the maiden to the mother is one that touches us, emotionally, physically, psychologically and spiritually. All that shaped us before is now given over to the total surrender of the caregiver and the needs of a helpless baby.

The shock that many woman experience as they venture into motherhood for the first time can have an enormous impact on their relationship with their spouse, their family and the baby. Many woman comment that what they experienced at their birth was 'unexpected', 'traumatic' and 'not how they had planned', which leaves them asking many questions and often feeling unresolved about their birth experience.

In today's age of highly interventionist birthing, many woman are feeling residual trauma, pain and emotional scaring from their birth experience.

Birth de-briefing offers the opportunity for a greater understanding of what happened at your birth, along with the opportunity for your story to be heard and counselled with a woman that understands the birthing world and the impact of unmet expectations.


Learn the art of relaxation and breathing for a positive birth experience. Calmbirth® workshops held in Malvern, Middle Park or privately in your home.



Dont have time to get to a class. Are you panicking that you dont know anything about birth?Have a quick comprehensive private class that can give you the basics of birth with some tools to use in labour.



A Birth Attendant or Doula is a woman trained and experienced in birthing. She provides emotional, physical and educational support to woman, their partners and families through pregnancy, labour and birth.