Hear direct from our clients, the impact of Calmbirth


Kirrily Jans and David

About Birth helped me realise that not only did I need the best possible support during labour but my partner needed support as well. It educated us on the importance of a doula/birth attendant for the best possible birth experience for all involved. Jules informed us about our birth choices and exposed us to information that most antenatal classes would not normally talk about. We found it really rewarding!

Bree, Keith and Xy

We cannot put into words our gratitude. Some magic force has placed you in our lives at the most special time and we are truly blessed! Thank you for your light and beautiful energy that helped me through the 'tough' times and for your open soul that invited my trust. We hope this is not the end of our relationship, but only the beginning...

Dov and Shevy

Words, a card and all the money in the world cant truly express our gratitude for the amazing work you did on the wonderful day that our daughter Hadssah came in to this world. The most tangible gratitude can be seen when you see us around Hadassah and see that our lives are immeasurably more joyful and significant with her in the picture. As we have told all our friends and family, we couldn't have done it without you. From start to finish you were sincere, dedicated and very, very hard working. May God bless you with many more opportunities and good health to continue your "labours of love" with much love and gratuities.

Kate and Tom

I'm delighted to share the news that our daughter (it's a girl!)Tamara Ashmor arrived safely at 1:30pm on Saturday 10 December, her due date and the day before my birthday! She was 2.85kg and is in perfect shape. Tammy was calm and settled immediately after birth and the staff noted how unusually alert she was for a newborn.

My labour was 36 hours long and drug-free! I ended up relying on a range of tools to see us through, including calm breathing, TENS,active birth skills, showers and the fit ball. I arrived at Cabrini
hospital 8cm dilated and she was born just a few hours later.

But it was the fundamental principle of the pain-tension-fear cycle that Calmbirth taught me which enabled me to remain confident and fearless. I vocalised A LOT and my mantras included "no fear", "don't be afraid", "it's all normal", etc.

I also implemented calm breathing between contractions and particularly in transition, because I was lying in bed and attached to the monitor by that stage (I was exhausted, couldn't even open my eyes). I used calm breathing to calm down and release after each contraction.

Jules, thank you so much for your guidance. Tom and I derived much inspiration from the course and refreshing with the materials afterwards. We are eternally grateful to have achieved the labour experience we wanted, largely thanks to the wisdom of Calmbirth.

Caroline and Aaron

I must admit I was a bit sceptical about doing the Calm Birth course which some of my friends had recommended. I didn't really think that anything would change the way I felt about going into the birthing process. I alternated between fear, anxiety and denial about the process. In the end, I decided I had nothing to lose by giving the course a go.

I am so glad that I did the course. It has completely changed the way I look at birth. I have gone from being terrified about birth to actually feeling excited about the labour process. This is because I now understand so much more about the birthing process and knowledge is empowering. It also makes so much sense that the calmer you remain, the easier you will find the process. I was told this before the course and thought that there is no way I could be calm in labour. However we were given practical strategies to help achieve this and with my partner's support, I am confident that we can, at the very least, lower the stress levels.

If I was sceptical, my partner was even more so but he has gone from thinking he would be a spectator in the process and that the hospital would "sort it all out" to now knowing that he has a very important role to play. He also understands more about the process and what he is able to do to assist us in achieving a positive birthing experience. Knowing that his confidence and skills as my birth support person has increased, has allowed me to relax.

I cannot recommend Lael enough as an educator in Calm Birth. She made us feel at ease straight away. She was easy to listen to, had a good sense of humour and imparted the information in an easy to understand way. She has also given us many resources and her offer for us to contact her in the lead up to and even after the labour has gone beyond our expectations.

If you are considering doing the Calm Birth course, I would whole-heartedly recommend it. It is worth every cent!

Celeste, Andrew and Anouk

Tarryn and Jamie

I wanted to email and say a big thank you for your calm birth classes. We had our little girl, Dia Mae Ahern, on Thursday the 8th of March with a completely natural birth. I got to the hospital at 5.30am that morning and when my obstetrician came in at 7 to check me (as they had planned to induce me due to my waters breaking 2 days earlier) I was already 9cms dilated! I was amazed as it had really all seemed very bearable, I had been focusing on my breathing and visualising the baby moving down.

I would highly recommend your classes to others. Thanks again.


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